Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA
Conference: ACC
Men's Coach: Matthew Kerr
Women's Coach: Randy Thomas
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College Men's 4x400 HeatsSee Full Start List

Event 366Friday, 4:25 PM
Team BO

College Men's 4x400 IC4ASee Full Start List

Event 498Saturday, 5:55 PM
Team CE

College Men's 4x800 CollegeSee Full Start List

Event 489Saturday, 4:50 PM
Team AX

College Men's Distance Medley See Full Start List

Event 347Friday, 2:45 PM
Team AW

College Women's 4x100 HeatsSee Full Start List

Event 110Thursday, 1:15 PM
Team CG

College Women's 4x400 HeatsSee Full Start List

Event 164Thursday, 6:35 PM
Team BL

College Women's 4x400 ECACSee Full Start List

Event 496Saturday, 5:45 PM
Team CD

College Women's High Jump CollegeSee Full Start List

Event 602Thursday, 10:00 AM
Elizabeth Knoll (36)


Total Relay Championships: 9

CM 4x800
1924 7:47.6
1927 8:07.0
1932 7:54.4
CM 4xMile
1925 18:05.2
CM Sprint Medley
1975 3:20.7
CM Distance Medley
1925 10:27.4
1926 10:25.6
1963 10:01.3
CW 4x1500
2011 17:25.19
Athletes of the Meet
2011 CW-R Caroline King
Olympic Gold Medalists
participating at the Penn Relays
1924 Paris Frank Hussey

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